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See the MeKettaLED Solar Light Box in action

Click the [ ] on the video control panels below to switch to full screen to observe the full effect. Click ESC to return to the smaller screen.

Solar Yields Foreverâ„ 

The bicyclist is well protected with the LED Solar Box on his helmet (red lights), his backpack (white lights) and his bicycle (red lights). The LED Solar Box comes in 2 colors: White and Red. Each has 3 different modes: constantly on, slow blinking and rapid blinking.
The crossing guard has the Red LED Solar Box attached to his Stop Sign. The LED Solar Box will provide the crossing guard and the pedestrians added visibility and safety especially in twilight and darkness as well as inclement weather conditions.
The White LED Solar Box provides added visibility for the dog and her owner. The LED Solar Box easily attaches to the harness, collar or leash.